Hi! My name is Taylor Moulton. I am a Utah native, and an avid filmmaker & photographer. I have lived, traveled worked all over the world, and I have a passion for telling raw, authentic stories everywhere I go.


My passion for documentary work began in 2012 when I moved to Madagascar and lived there for two years. I became infatuated with the island, the people, the language and the culture. I knew then that the amazing stories I was hearing from the locals were stories that needed to be shared.


In 2014, shortly after I returned to the States, I took a job in Uganda. I spent four months working in Uganda and began my passion for documenting the local life and sharing stories. That job kickstarted my career in documentary work that has taken me all over the world, from Bangkok to Beijing and from Reykjavik to Tbilisi.


My passion is documentary work, but I also work extensively in corporate media production and wedding film production. Please message me if you have any questions or would like to work together!


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