Imbalu: The Circumcision Festival


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Imbalu is a nationwide circumcision festival in Uganda. It lasts for several months, every two years. The festival to start Imbalu was in Mbale, where I was living. Boys in Uganda are often not circumcised until 12-17 years of age. They are not allowed to scream, cry or show pain during the circumcision. This is how they become a man in their culture.

Life in The Slums
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I had the opportunity to shoot two short films in Namatala. I shot the films to sponsor the "Child of Hope Outreach" school in the slums. I've also some included photos from other villages like Buyobo & Bonabuyoka.

Family Photo Projects
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Because of poverty in most villages, most people would never have access to high quality photos. This project is a huge passion of mine; through donations and funding from HELP Intl, we were able to distribute family photos for a few cents per print.

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Kyemula, a village in the Manafwa district of Eastern Uganda, is a small, but thriving village. We have helped implement several agricultural, scholastic, and financial programs in this village.

Barefoot Hikes
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This album is dedicated to my weekend adventures in Uganda.

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